Bhumitra II– The Mystical Path of Earthhealing

A newly dedicated branch of the Amartya tradition:
Part II of the Bhumitra Training with Aaravindha Himadra
3-11 November 2020 (stay 2-14 November), Crete, Greece

Aaravindha created a completely new level of earth healing knowledge that he’ll teach in 2020. The Bhumitra path includes both the seminars taught by Aaravindha, and other specified aspects of ongoing study with like-minded people throughout the year. A special social media group will be created for that purpose. This group will be made available on an online platform set up solely through our own new Sambodha social platform. In it Aaravindha will offer a series of dedicated Q&A live video sessions for the Bhumitra path participants.

In the first part of the Bhumitra path Aaravindha taught more potent versions of some of the previous techniques and never before taught knowledge about dragon lineage and chi in the elements.

In this second part, Aaravindha will deepen the previous teachings and teach a whole new body of Bhumitra knowledge that explores new areas of this branch. Among it your connection to the nature spirits and animal over-souls.

Important note: This second part in November can only be visited if the first part was visited in July! This also applies to participants who have attended one of the previous Baumaitri seminars and Paramahamsa teachers.

A 2-minute film that directly addresses our topic. Please turn on the sound in the lower left corner of the video.

An insight into the knowledge of the seminar

  • A review and deepening of the former Swiss Bhumitra seminar.
  • Your eco-spiritual connections to your natural environment.
  • Animism explained and explored inside the healing path regarding your Bhumitra work.
  • How to identify your personal relationship-balance with the five elements.
  • The transcendental and spiritual means to connect and reclaim your connection to the secret lives of animal over-souls, forests deities, environmental entities, and other natural phenomenon.
  • How to read and listen into the ways the Earth Mother speaks to you through her elements.
  • Finding and rebalancing the sacred and hidden thin places.
  • More personal barrier transcending to effectively establish and live in alignment with Oneness consciousness.

These techniques will be taught or practiced

  • The Hu'Reyad, our deeply sacred mantra sequence designed to transform an initiate into a living mediator who can form a bridge for the central creative forces that exist between the heavens and the earth. Aaravindha will reenliven these devata-frequency in you at this seminar.
  • We will integrate practice time for the Bhuta Yojana and other Mantras

What else will be offered?

  • Every evening after dinner is the Free Forum with Aaravindha, where you can ask personal questions and questions about the spiritual knowledge of the tradition. During the day there will also be a chance to ask questions about the Bhumitra knowledge in the seminar sessions.
  • Powerful meditations in the large group and together with Aaravindha, in which Aaravindha works with the participants. These group meditations are very effective and helpful in deepening your transcendence. Being in such a large group has an additional strengthening effect on your meditations.

Aaravindha Himadra, author of the spiritual bestseller "Immortal Self", is a Rishi (seer) of the timeless Surah Parampara tradition. He teaches profound techniques and spiritual knowledge worldwide that make it easy for you to develop your creative talents and find healing, freedom, deep inner peace and ultimately realize your enlightenment.

Aaravindha Himadra, Autor des spirituellen Bestsellers „Das Tal der unsterblichen Meister", ist ein Rishi (Seher) der zeitlosen Surah Parampara Tradition. Er unterrichtet ­weltweit tief greifende Techniken und spirituelles Wissen, die es dir leicht machen, deine kreativen Talente zu entwickeln und Heilung, Freiheit, tiefen inneren Frieden zu finden und letztendlich deine Erleuchtung zu realisieren.  

New: Bhumitra Social Media Group

In October we will open the Bhumitra Social Media Group, for all participants of the entire Bhumitra training. The group will be hosted on our new Sambodha Social Media Platform that will be open for participation soon. We will have areas that are only accessible for the participants of certain seminars. Some areas will be publicly available. 

What you can do in the Bhumitra Social Media Group

  • Have conversations with others on the Bhumitra knowledge and techniques
  • Ask questions to the Bhumitra community
  • Showcase pictures of dragon lines and mountain shapes
  • Participate in live Q&A and deepening teachings with Aaravindha
  • Stay in touch with other fellow Bhumitra friends
  • Arrange local meetings to practice the techniques and explore nature

What is the Sambodha Social Media Platform and what else can you do there?

  • You can understand the platform as our own version of Facebook or Instagram but without the data abuse that comes with regular social media. Our platform is open to all people who are part of the Sambodha Community or interested in the teachings.
  • Have conversations with others in the Sambodha community worldwide. You can like and comment on posts 
  • Post interesting links that are relevant to the Sambodha teachings in spezialized groups or your own timeline profile
  • Join the international public Sambodha Social Group and stay in touch with all Sambodhis
  • Connect and follow friends, similar to Facebook or Instagram
  • Send private messages to other people you know from seminars
  • You can get in touch with Sambodha Teachers
  • Sambodha Teachers have their own forum and can talk about relevant subjects around teaching
  • You can post and see local meetings in Europe and the US

I sometimes felt at the seminar as if I had received a letter from Hogwarts and had finally found my world. It felt so good to be among so many lovely and wonderful people. Just to blossom and shine without feeling drained afterwards. The love in this community is just incredible!

Trinyana - Switzerland

The seminar was a theme bath that (still) deeply wakes me up, inspires and centers me. Aaravindha comprehensively answers questions about being, which I have carried around with me since childhood. What a great enrichment. The seminar has strengthened the sensitivity for my inner limitations. Cracks have been created that open the view to the huge free space behind. I was able to refine my meditation technique directly after the seminar. The group offers the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other. I met some wonderful and motivating role models. I am very grateful.

Amarini - Switzerland

In the past years I have attended countless seminars and heard just as many speakers. None of this is comparable to the teachings of Aaravindha. This depth of knowledge, this authenticity, these clear and effective methods to apply his solar knowledge in everyday life... simply unique. A thousand thanks to Aaravindha and the whole team for this life-changing experience!

Sundaram - Germany

The Seminar Location

Sea Side Resort & Spa Crete

On our exciting journey and search for suitable places we always try to balance different aspects. Apart from a very large seminar room, which in itself is difficult to find, we always need exclusive use for group coherence and a hotel in a natural location. In addition, we try to find hotels with prices that are feasible for the majority of the group, including food. Unfortunately, hotel prices have risen considerably in recent years when the location is beautiful. And some more affordable hotels like the Sonnenstrahl, are unfortunately booked out for years for seminars as long as ours, where we need the whole house. The current situation with added restrictions makes it almost impossible to solve the situation, as this means that many countries are generally closed for events at the moment or Aaravindha is not allowed to enter the country at all as a US citizen.

However, last year we visited a hotel in Crete, which offers us everything and is still quite reasonable. The location is dreamlike on the cliffs of a dragon head that lies in the water. This additional vacation from everyday life is certainly very good for all of us and allows us to regenerate and recharge our batteries in the prolonged sun. The weather on Crete in November is often still quite summery warm. 

Here you can take a virtual tour through the Sea Side Resort:

Video flight over the Sea Side Resort 

Details on travel and hotel booking

Sea Side Resort & Spa, Crete

With flights, transfer, hotel and food included, prices will roughly equal the overall cost of double rooms with food at the Sonnenstrahl. Unfortunately there are no possibilities for dormitories or other lower priced solutions. 

Due to Corona and the potential cancelation risks involved, we will be handling flight and hotel bookings exclusively through a tour operator in Crete. This has several advantages for everyone:

  • Secure off-season flights: Currently, airlines cancel flights on a whim if they don't fill up to minimize their losses. This turns flight bookings and your journey into a gamble. The tour operator guarantees us the flights; however, the condition is that the whole group books through him so that he can make the flights possible for us.
  • Guaranteed airfare: The airfare included is the lowest price at Condor for a ticket with one checked bag and a cancellation option. Condor has currently offered this price on its website, but there is only a limited number of seats available at this price in Condor's online portal.  Because of our large group the tour operator can create stable conditions for everyone, not only a few. There are three possible departure airports for the Bhumitra 2 seminar: Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. This means that some of you will have to travel a little further to Munich or ask the travel operator for options on connecting flights.
  • The package price includes the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, which is located about 30 km from Heraklion airport. 
  • The package price includes a group insurance, which lowers the risk for traveling in these times. Normal travel insurance does not cover cancelations due to positive corona tests right before the trip. Please read the FAQs and package price section for additional information.
  • Furthermore this tour operator helps us to get an entry permit for Aaravindha from the responsible minister. Without this the seminar would not be possible in Europe!

What does this mean in terms of procedure?

  • You must have booked with the tour operator by September 30, as the seats can only be blocked so long with Condor.
  • When booking, you must already indicate your room partner or indicate when booking that you are still looking for someone. Then you will be assigned a room mate by the tour operator if someone is available. 
  • The registration for this part of the Bhumitra path must be booked separately here on this website. In case of cancellation of the seminar due to Corona regulations or travel restrictions you will be refunded the full seminar fee. In all other cases our cancelation terms apply.

Who can participate?

Participation is only open to participants of the Bhumitra 1 seminar. Please read the exclusion criteria and restrictions of participation in the Terms and Conditions before you register!


The Bhumitra series is no longer comparable with the former Baumaitri seminars. It is largely new knowledge. We had announced that only the first part will have discounts for repeaters. Aaravindha has now decided once again to offer repeater fees for this seminar to make it easier for those who have already attended many seminars in the past.

What are the fees?

Fee: $2,250

Single parent / Student: $1,800

Repeater Baumaitri Seminar 2016: $1,460 

Paramahamsa Repeater: $800

The entire fee must be paid by October 15 to reserve the place.

Installments: Installments are paid in 10 equal monthly installments from the time of registration plus $15 handling surcharge per installment.

Bank details: You will receive the bank details for the participation fee with your invoice by email a few days after registration.

Discount for single parents and students: If you are a single parent with children under 21 years of age or a student/trainee, please send us documents proving this by email within 2 days after registration.

Sign-up Bhumitra Path II

The registration is only possible via our online form*. Please register by September 30, 2020 at the latest. Please note that the booking of the flight and the accommodation will be made through the tour operator. More information below.

Please read our seminar and cancellation terms. There are no exceptions to the cancellation terms. In case of cancellation of the seminar due to Covid event regulations or travel restrictions, you will be refunded the full seminar amount.

*Important note: For technical reasons, please use the same email address for all Sambodha registrations. Couples have to use their own email address for registration, as we can only assign each email address to one participant in our database. Please check if you have received a confirmation email (also in your spam folder). If not, your registration did not go through. If not, please try again with another current browser.

SpirituAL Name
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Seminar Terms*

With your registration you agree to the seminar and cancellation terms and allow us to send you seminar information and interesting articles and videos from time to time. The security of your data is very important to us, see our Privacy Policy.


The Sea Side Resort offers a variety of room categories. You can find some impressions here. More pictures and descriptions of the available categories can be found here:

Double room land view

Double room land view

Double room sea view

Double room sea view

Junior Suite sea view

Junior Suite sea view

Junior Suite land view

Junior Suite land view

Superior double room sea view with private pool

Superior double room sea view with private pool

Superior double room sea view with shared pool

Superior double room sea view shared pool

Suite sea view private pool

Suite sea view private pool

Suite sea view private pool

Suite sea view private pool

Acro Suites

Acro Suites

Acro Suites on the cliff with private pool

Acro Suites on the cliff with private pool

Acro Suites on the cliff with private pool

Acro Suites on the cliff with private pool

Acro Loft Suites on the cliff with private pool

Acro Loft Suites on the cliff with private pool


The hotel & flight package includes full board through the vegetarian and vegan buffet with delicious local Greek and international specialties, desserts, fruit, water, tea & coffee.

Package prices

Flight / Transfer / Hotel / Catering

All prices are per person and include round trip flight from Munich, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf including 1 x suitcase with 20 kg, 1 x hand luggage with 8 kg, transfer between airport and hotel, 12 x overnight stays, full board, cancellation insurance.

All participants have to book through the tour operator, for any deviations please contact the tour operator. The conditions of the tour operator apply. In the links you find example images of the individual room categories. Please don't contact the hotel for rooms, only the travel agent handles our bookings! Contact below!

Bhumitra II seminar from November 2-14, 2020, 12 nights incl. round trip flights, transfer, full board, cancelation insurance

Per person in Double Land View: €1.130,00

Per person in Double Land View for single use: €1.460,00

Per person in Double Sea View: €1.260,00

Per person in Double Sea View for single use: €1.795,00

Per person in Junior Suite Land View: €1.260,00

Per person in Junior Suite Sea View: €1.390,00

Per person in Superior Double Sea View with room access to shared pool: 1.525,00

Per person in Superior Double Sea View with private pool: €1.725,00

Per person in Suite Sea View with private pool: €2.060,00  (double occupancy)

Per person in Acro Sea view Suite (32 m2) with private infinity pool: €2.320,00

Per person in Acro Sea view Loft (37 m2) with private infinity pool: €2.650,00

Bhumitra II & Experiential II from November 2-28, 2020, 26 nights incl. flight from and to Munich (other options request quote), transfer, full board, cancelation insurance. Please note that you can only book this option if you are eligible to participate in the Experiential II seminar.

Per person in Double Land View: €2.055,00

Per person in Double Land View for single use: €2.770,00

Per person in Double Sea View: €2.345,00

Per person in Double Sea View for single use: €3.495,00

Per person in Junior Suite Land View: €2.370,00

Per person in Junior Suite Sea View: €2.630,00

Per person in Superior Double Sea View with room access to shared pool: €2.920,00

Per person in Superior Double Sea View with private pool: €3.350,00

Per person in Suite Sea View with private pool: €4.070,00  (double occupancy)

Per person in Acro Sea view Suite (32 m2) with private infinity pool: €4.650,00

Per person in Acro Sea view Loft (37 m2) with private infinity pool: €5.355,00

Please note:

  • Option to book & pay until September 30 for departure November 2nd. (After this date package rates increase – ask for quote)
  • Please request quote by email if you wish to fly from another country or airport
  • If you have a room mate, please list the name of your room mate when you make your reservation
  • Please request information if you are looking for a roommate to share a twin room
  • Please request quote by email if you fly on 02.11 and return on 28.11  from airports of Dusseldorf & Frankfurt, as package rate includes trip from and to Munich on November 28.
  • Please request twin rooms via email due to limited number of twin rooms in the different types of rooms. As an alternative, some rooms also have sofa beds.

*The package rates include coverage in case of cancelation. In that case, your paid amount will be returned  after deducting  €95,00 deductible.  You are covered to receive the amount of the package paid back (minus deductible)  for officially  proven cancelations if you or a first degree family member has an accident, illness, positive Covid-19 test before last day before trip or if cancelation of trip is necessary due to government restrictions. 

How to book the flight & accommodation package

Please make your booking by email. Indicate the room type of your preference, if twin or double or single, if looking for room mate, if wishing to fly from another airport or country.

Please only use your legal name in the booking to make sure the tickets match your passport.

Email in English or German to:

Phone : +302810336000 or Mobile +306977674674 (bookings only via email on first come first serve basis)

Form of payment preferably by bank transfer (in this way in case of cancelation we can transfer the amount back)

BANK DETAILS for remittance/transfer

ACCOUNT No : 00260020160201179232ΙΒΑΝ : GR0702600200000160201179232

Flight Timetable



MUC – HER   DE 1600   14:50 – 18:30 

DUS – HER   DE 1616  13:45 – 18:00 

FRA – HER   DE 1662   05:45 – 09:50 




MUC – HER   DE 1600   14:45 – 18:25 

DUS – HER  DE 1616   06:15 – 10:30 

FRA – HER   DE 1662   13:45 – 17:50 




HER – MUC   DE1601   11:40-13:45 

HER – DUS   DE1617   19:25 – 22:05 

HER – FRA   DE1663   18:50 – 21:10 




HER – MUC   DE1601   11:40-13:45 

HER – DUS   DE1617   19:25 – 22:05 

HER – FRA   DE1663   18:50 – 21:10

Other airports at extra charge on request from the tour operator.
E.g. connecting flights from Munich to other cities after the Experiential 2.

General FAQ

Here you will find further answers to possible questions about seminar preparation