Aaravindha Himadra

Inner Guidance on the path In Joyous and Difficult Times

April 11 – May 9, 2021

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Are you prey to these challenging times?

Are you unsure of how to navigate a world gone mad? Have you lost touch with your essential nature?

Are you yearning to reclaim your sovereignty, your freedom, and your sense of what’s real?

In this Inner Guidance Seminar, Aaravindha will introduce you to a stream of critical life-changing revelations. Offering you groundbreaking knowledge and techniques that'll give you the tools you'll need to overcome useless creativity and life-debilitating tendencies. Tendencies that made you vulnerable to past and future misinformation and manipulation. He'll instruct you on how to transform your limiting fear-based emotions into practical insights and actualizations. You'll learn to recognize and replace harmful or life inhibiting mental beliefs with trustworthy inner source guidance.

We're all facing a newly enforced onslaught of persistent illusions, creating a dire sense of confusion and chaos in our lives. An extraordinary shift, in reality, is now upon us, not much of which is positive or for you. Illusions abound, promising to give you everything you want, but will more likely steal away what little dignity and self-power you still have. A new reality is being imposed on us all, increasingly working against, not for, our right to live together in joy, harmony, and peace. It's a strategic force that will direct and guide you in all you do, think, or believe. The stakes have never been higher. You can either continue to follow those dictates to become an unwitting pawn in a new political and social rule, or you can learn to reclaim your right to self-reliance. The kind of self-reliance that originates in you. Through connecting you to your own inner guidance that comes to life through plumbing your own source consciousness. That'll nurture and heal your heart from within and illumine your psyche from above.

Everything you require to bring your life, and possibly your environment, back into correct order and healing already exists within you. Though it's hidden beyond the ordinary limits of your social programming. It's nonetheless there, waiting for you to tap. The choices you make today will have inevitable consequences for both your future and the world you live in. This seminar will provide you with the means to access the insight and wisdom you'll need to do it right.

Aaravindha will direct you into realigning your material Dharma path and reawakening your intuition to help guide you in making your own reliable choices and actions. You'll learn how to access that elusive inner source of wisdom that has enduringly guided the spiritually awakening masters of old since the beginning of time. Offering a higher sense of destiny that readily reveals itself to those who know how to access it. Thus aligning your divinely intended life to the One Great Knower that lives forever free, beyond the confines of your limited outward-oriented self-references.

5-Week Online Course

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I cannot yet fully comprehend that I am one of the people fortunate enough to come into contact with the knowledge that Aaravindha Himadra teaches. I am infinitely grateful. The seminar has completely changed the direction of my life. I am now on the path to myself. I have received everything necessary for this. The path to my freedom has begun.

Ilja K.


The seminars are the ultimate, each in its own way. Those who want to meditate and discover themselves are in the right place. Here it is not about the confirmation of his/her identity, but about the ultimate inner truth, the pure self. Thank you dear Aaravindha, for this knowledge. I very much appreciate your support in overcoming some hurdles to come into my pure transcendence of meditation. This cannot be expressed in words and yet cannot be said often enough.



It was again a huge gift for me to dive into the energy of Aaravindha and to experience his boundless wisdom and love. I feel that he does not see my mistakes but my potential and lovingly and clearly shows me the way to it. The meditations are a blessing for me in everyday life and change my consciousness. I am infinitely grateful in this day and age to have Aaravindha as a teacher and companion.



Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha Himadra, the author of the spiritual bestseller "Immortal Self," is a Rishi (seer) of the timeless Surah Parampara tradition. He teaches profound techniques and spiritual knowledge internationally. Techniques that make it possible for nearly everyone to find healing, develop their highest potential and realize their freedom, and possibly enlightenment.

Learning from Aaravindha

Aaravindha's way of teaching is both spiritually profound and practical to everyday life.

Profound spiritual concepts derived from the knowledge of the Amartya Tradition and Aaravindha's insight as a Rishi Seer of this ancient Himalayan tradition provide needed answers to our life challenges. His advanced Saumedhika methods allow him to respond skillfully, accurately, and sincerely, to help realize solutions for your individual and collective needs. And to provide you with valuable and practical knowledge and techniques that will support you in finding your own inner path.

The Course Theme

How to Realize Your Source Guidance

Even the idea of searching for the Truth is an elusive concept, and yet, it's, all the same, a relentless and inherent urge we all carry. Whether we're searching for that profound Truth that seemingly remains silent beyond our kinetic material universe. Or we're merely searching for practical everyday truths to help us find solutions to our troubling life issues; the ideal, the higher road, is often too far out of our reach. Not because we are unable to manifest solutions. We can. Answers to our life problems abound. But because those solutions are often too limited in their scope. Which commonly fails to consider a deeper evolutionary push that's moving unseen to awaken a more profound sense of destiny in our hearts and minds. A spiritual inspiration that's coming from a source consciousness that more often seems too esoteric to understand.

There is an abundance of simplistic approaches to resolving our life issues based on concepts like "just listen to your heart," or "your inner gut knows," or "just do what makes you feel good." But isn't that already what you've been doing? So is there something better, something higher, a more reliable approach? One that you haven't yet learned to access? Yes, there is! But it takes time and practice to develop, along with a profound understanding of the mechanics of the mind and heart as they relate to a profound inner non-local unity of consciousness, in which we are all Oneness-rooted.

But to get there, to realize that loftier resource of truth-wisdom within, you'll need to learn how to get past what you've been programmed to believe and have integrated mentally as automated neural life-tendencies. At the top of the illusion-pyramid, you'll have to confront and solve the cornerstone illusion, your ego identity. To accomplish that, you'll need tools, time-tested methods, and techniques to help you get beyond the gravity of your learned conformity and long-forgotten realities. It is precisely there that your journey must begin. Everything that obscures your sense of reality that steals your power from you, and limits your access to the Truth you seek, thrives in that cauldron of ego-defenses. Where the light of your true Self, your authentic inner nature, your actual dharma path is distorted into a semblance of something it isn't.

Regardless of the method or means, every approach must be connected to the resolving effort that seeks to help you transcend and realize beyond that cornerstone of ego-identity. Once accomplished, only then will your life truly be yours again. There is a higher path, a path that adjusts itself to your unique needs and temperament. No one can give that path to you, but you can be guided to it, to that place where you are best able to make the choices that will, in the end, set you free.

Many of the questions you need to have answered to effectively deal with this life-changing challenge will be provided through Aaravindha's teachings in this self-guidance seminar.

  • How to reorder life to get what you’ve learned out of the way
  • What is Intuition?
  • How Intuition differs from a learned sense of right and wrong
  • The difference between emotions and feelings
  • Overcoming emotions to access intuition
  • Samskaras, Vritti, and your life tendencies
  • Indoctrination vs real life
  • Sorting out illusion from reality
  • Three levels of development in attaining source consciousness

In addition, Aaravindha will answer your remaining questions on the topics in two live Q&A sessions.


  • Group Meditation before the start of every weekly  session
  • You will receive a powerful Mantra to strengthen your intuition and discrimination for truth and be given basic instructions on how to practice it.
  • Mindful practices for your daily life that will strengthen your intuition.

The Structure

What you'll learn to help you hone your intuition

  • Weekly video session with Aaravindha every Sunday! 
  • Personal Guidance with Live Q&As
  • Practical methods and techniques to accelerate your development
  • Access to course related chats and interactions 


The Importance of Group Coherence

One of the principles of teaching in the Amartya Tradition is presence. That enables the best darshan and energetic support from Master to Student.

The digital environment is not ideal for that. To substitute the sacred space we have in the live in-person seminars to some extent, this course is taught once a week at a specific time, so we all share in some group coherence and shared space in consciousness.

This means, that you have to make a commitment to be there every Sunday at the same time. There will be no recordings or replays!

Changes in consciousness only happen if you commit to it and prepare the ground to make them happen!

Every Sunday at 7:30 pm MEZ (Berlin, Zurich, Paris) which is 10:30 AM PDT (Seattle, Los Angeles) Aaravindha will teach profound knowledge to you via a two-hour video stream or be there to answer your personal questions in a live Q&A.

We invite you to join in a 30-minute global meditation 30 minutes before we start.

Have questions?

Frequently asked questions

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that might help you answer any remaining questions that you might have. If your question is not answered, please don't hesitate to send an email, and we get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the weekly schedule?

Week 1: Teaching Session

Week 2: Teaching Session

Week 3: Live Q&A Session

Week 4: Teaching Session

Week 5: Live Q&A Session

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A great seminar, full of new inspirations! Aaravindha has a deep, profound knowledge that he has conveyed to us very vividly and left no question unanswered. I feel connected to him on all levels of being. He tangibly draws directly from the source and I remember the truth that comes out of it. Despite a large group, a wonderful energy and deep heart connection among all participants! And a great, loving team supporting him. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!



I especially liked the love and attentiveness with which Aaravindha was with us. Aaravindha I perceive everything a a great gift for me. Aaravindha will change my life permanently. I feel my heart and love for me and my being. I have integrated the meditation into my life immediately. I want, no I will continue this new path for me in love.

Bernd R.


The seminar has allowed me to discover depths in myself that I did not know before. I have the feeling that I always receive support, no matter to which depths in me the meditation leads me or which heights want to be experienced. Aaravindha has answered many of my questions, even though I had not even asked them. He creates the feeling that I can let myself fall deeper and deeper and learn to trust completely in what is within me. There is just so much love there, so that the obstacles can melt away like ice in the sun.

Jannyn S.




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